Independent Home Inspectors Pledge

I believe there is a potential or inherent conflict of interest when a real estate agent selling a house recommends a specific inspector to a potential homebuyer.

I also understand that the primary mission of an Independent Home Inspector is to help promote consumer protection for homebuyers. This mission is to be carried out by: (1) educating potential homebuyers to the potential or inherent conflict of interest when a real estate agent recommends, influences or controls the home inspector selection process; and (2) working with federal and provincial legislators to enact amendments to the real estate broker and salespersons licensing laws. The purpose of such amendments would be to remove the real estate agent's involvement from the home inspector selection process for prospective homebuyers.

As a member of the Independent Certified Home Inspectors of British Columbia, I hereby pledge that I do not actively solicit real estate agents for homebuyer client leads. I understand that active solicitation includes giving "sales" presentations to real estate agents about my inspection service, dropping off brochures at real estate offices, and/or rewarding or compensating agents for referring clients to me. I understand that handing out a business card to a real estate agent at an inspection site is not considered active solicitation. I further understand that I reserve the right to accept client referrals from real estate agents, but the client must contact me personally.