What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Work

Our best reference is what our clients say about the work we have performed on their behalf. Here are some examples of the positive feedback we've received:

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    Enclosed is my cheque for your services and a little extra for doing such a thorough and professional job. Thanks. It was a pleasure doing business. - Rob M., Vancouver

    I really appreciated your help in inspecting the house in Vancouver. We were amazed at the thoroughness of your inspection, and we learned so much about what to look for in older homes. We didn't buy the house, based on your report; however, many of the things we learned will help us as we look at other houses. Thank you again for such a great job, and especially for preparing such a detailed report under a tight deadline. - Anne C., Vancouver

    Thanks so much for your flexibility, expertise . . . and for being available, cancelled, available, cancelled, etc. We will pass on your name and our appreciation of your skills. Thanks for the education. - Jenny S., Victoria

    We received a dreadful home inspection. The realtor had recommended the inspector to us because he said the fellow was an engineer and was familiar with what realtors needed to know. We should have been suspicious but I knew this man casually, so we thought everything would be okay. The realtor said that the inspector was a member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors. Later on many problems arose with the home, which suggested that the inspector had not checked everything. For example, we don't believe the inspector even looked inside the main electrical panel. There were so many things wrong inside that even a bad inspector would have reported them. I called the most experienced home inspector in Vancouver for assistance, but he was unavailable. We were referred to Hunter & Associates who did the re inspection. The first problem we encountered was when the inspector/engineer would not divulge his insurance carrier. He said the insurance was to protect him not us. Based on what the realtor had told us, we wrote to the inspector's association, the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, and asked them to come to our house and look at the things that were not accurately reported. Their letter to us on October 26, 2001 said: "I should point out to you that this Association does not ask its members to inspect buildings to evaluate the quality of other inspectors. We will, however, review inspection reports to determine whether or not they meet the Standards of Practice." CAHPI referred to the inspector as a "candidate", which was even more confusing. With the assistance of our lawyer we got everyone's attention and won compensation. We soon found out that this was not the first claim of bad work against this inspector. If you have a problem inspection or need help to fix it, we recommend Hunter & Associates Inspection and Poirritt & Company. - Alex & Petra B., West Vancouver

    Thank you for your extensive feedback. We really appreciate the thorough job you did, and learned a lot about what to watch for in an aging building. If I hear of someone looking for a home inspection, I would be more than pleased to pass your name along to them, either on the island or mainland. - Trish S., Victoria

    Your realistic approach is great. I am grateful for the way you have opened my eyes to many things. - Barry C., Richmond

    Two years ago I made the mistake of hiring a home inspector recommend by my realtor. He was the only home inspector listed on the realtors web site and that should alerted me to too much of a cozy relationship. Not being familiar with inspectors' reporting methods I did not realize until later that many of the defects of the house were smoothed over. Then the mold was found. When I attempted to hire another inspection company to review the inspector's report I quickly learned that there are virtually no inspectors who want to come to the aid of a consumer with this kind of problem. I now know that many home inspectors get referrals from realtors and know that if they offend that industry they will not get any more inspections referred to them. Most home inspectors don't want the added pressure from their peers or associations who may not accept that one of their own should be investigated by someone outside their association. The inspector who did my original inspection was a member of two different home inspection associations, which is very confusing for the consumer when you are trying to determine who is responsible for settling your complaints. One of these associations refused to come to my house to view my complaints. The other association did. My lawyer has told me Hunter & Associates' re inspection report of my property is a lawyer's dream. Very thorough, straight to the point, and lots of photographs that accurately reflect my complaints. If you are in trouble as a result of a bad home inspection, I recommend that you hire Hunter & Associates. - Burt R., West Vancouver

    Thanks again for doing an exceptional job. We'll definitely be using your services in the future and also recommending you to everyone we know purchasing a home. My brother-in-law and realtor mentioned how impressed they were at what a thorough job you did. - Dermot L., Australia

    We are thankful to you for opening our eyes to the condo market and particularly to the unit we were interested in. The face sealed stucco represents too large a risk for such an investment. I consider your fee more than fair and good "insurance". Thank you for your hard work. - Bryon B., Terrace

    We are writing this letter in support of Bruce Hunter of Hunter & Associates Inspections. He was recommended to us by another inspector. He was prompt and open to questions during the inspection. He spent as much time as he had to to do the inspection. He went above and beyond the call of duty by making 2 trips to City Hall to enquire about permits and find out about an oil tank on the property. As a additional request by us finding reputable tradespersons and getting appraisals from them. After we had moved into the house, being willing to come back to give tradespeople information on potential problems. He has been open to ongoing questions since we moved into the house. If you have any further questions please call. - Leonie A. & Dr. Michael S., Vancouver

    Bruce, such a terrific job deserves a little extra. Many thanks for an exceptional job. - Bill S., Vancouver

    I guess we did not realize how political and antagonistic the realtor vs. property inspector was going to be. It was a real eye opener and something of an object lesson in complicity as to the depths that realtors are prepared to plumb to ensure that the outcome is positive for themselves . . . never mind in most cases, the unsuspecting homebuyer. Fortunately we managed to hurdle some of the barriers by having a frank and open discussion without the involvement of the realtors, i.e. theirs or ours. Ed, we are grateful for your inspection on the other property. Thank you for referring Bruce to us in your absence. His report was thorough, well presented, unbiased and contained additional supplementary information that will be of benefit to us in the future. - Joe & Jill Q., Coquitlam

    As we should be nowadays, I am always a bit skeptical when I deal with someone new regarding inspections for my clients. There are so many inspectors out there that have no clue what their job truly is. I have to say, and am happy to say, that I was pleasantly surprised at your thorough and detailed inspection, and at your presentation binder and the information you provided Vincent and Jessica. As I explained to my clients, my job, done well, is the source for my future, and that if they are not happy at the end of the job, I will probably not get referral business from them, and that is my future. Most of my business is referrals from past clients, so I must be doing something right. They know I am looking out for them, whatever it takes. I had to take a second of time to pass on kudo's to you for a job Well Done! Thanks for taking such good care. You went way further than many inspectors do, and we all appreciate that. - Deb Robson, Remax Westcoast, www.ownanicehome.com, Richmond

    I cannot think of anything in the past that I have been more satisfied with a job done. Direct thoroughness and follow up. - Laura J., West Vancouver

    I was looking to buy another condo in Vancouver's rainforest climate. My realtor told me of a building that had problems but since they were going to spend 1.5 million dollars to repair it may be a good time to buy. I was told there would be no worries for me because everything would be renewed. Since there was no rush to buy, there were many units available for sale, Hunter & Associates inspected the building twice. Once when it was raining and once on a nice day. Their impression was regardless of how much money was being spend by the strata council the new materials being put into the building were not being properly protected during the rain by the contractor. The council did not appear to be supervising the contractor's work. Based on the inspector's recommendations I ran away from this purchase. One year later while driving down Broadway I noted that this building was now covered in tarps. My inquiries revealed that despite what the residents had to pay initially a further $30,000 was assessed to each owner. If I had listened to my realtor and bought a unit in this building I would have been severely financially damaged. I will be eternally grateful to my inspector and to the www.myleakycondo site where he referred me to for more useful information. - Linda L., Vancouver

    It was a great privilege doing business with you. Your personal thorough expertise has given us great confidence that our new home is sound. We were amazed at the amount of time you dedicated to the inspection!!! You are incredible! Many thanks. - Peter & Sylvia H., Richmond

    I hired a contractor to put acrylic stucco on my new house. The depth of stucco on the walls varied and the workmanship was very poor. When the contractor and I went to Court, the Judge asked us to each give her three names each of contractors to represent us in reviewing the quality of the stucco and workmanship. The Court selected Hunter & Associates Inspections based on the thoroughness of their report. They had recommended that all the stucco be removed and replaced. The Court awarded me $7,000 compensation. What can I say but thanks for a great job. - Buta S., New Westminster

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on inspecting my first new home. It is a lot of work looking after it but I am enjoying every minute. - Carla K., Langley

    We were very pleased with the service from Bruce Hunter. He is a wealth of information and he taught us a lot. We have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. We have taken measures to improve the air quality - mold problem in our home with Bruce's help. We can now sleep soundly in the night!! - Kelly O., North Vancouver

    I feel that Bruce had a great understanding and compassion for what I was dealing with both in my apartment and with my disability issues. His thorough report and analysis made it possible to approach our board of directors of our co-op and put a strong case forward to improve the apartment to eliminate the humidity and mold problems I was having. The board accepted Bruce's recommendations and we have completed his main recommendations which has majorly improved my living environment. I have gone from an average of 70% humidity to 37% humidity. No more bad odors. I feel that Bruce is a knowledgeable man in the issues I have faced and would recommend him to other people. - Paul G. Vancouver